Friday, November 21, 2008

My Readers

My readers range,
A love Ninja to an angry man
Some live in
Stages of love decay and rebirth.
They are
and Fathers.
From families great and small.
Some touch new born flesh
And others touch senility.

I write for myself
But with them in mind.

My readers sing
To themselves or full concerts.
Some live out
Stages of the life I dream.
They are
And performers 
From distances east to west.
Some touch with a lyric
And others with their voice.

I write mostly alone
But with them inside.

My readers love
Or they wouldn't be here.
Some I know
Details that I can't share.
They are
Young & Old
Gay & Straight
With God
And some without.
From the list, top to bottom
Some will stay long
And others are already gone.

I write from the gut
But with love in each line.

By Dave Schipper © 2007 Rose Riversongs

I have been blessed with over 100 subscribers on my MySpace blog, many silent, but the hang on and someone must be reading the posts.  This is one I wrote for them a while back; what a truly delightful mix of humanity.

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