Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gypsy Soul

Gypsy Soul by Dave Schipper © 2007 Rose Riversongs

My gypsy soul cries out to grab hold
Of the nearest long haired dancing angel
The sweet violin and the melody unfolds
My hand on her back; and we tango.

The moonlight through the window knows
The passion fire in our hearts tonight.
Your eyes shine brighter than a candle glow.
The blue light gaze, keeps me locked into site.

Oh step in time to my gypsy soul
Oh come to me in my gypsy need
Oh drink with me my gypsy wine
Oh say you are my gypsy love.

Your lips smile as we kiss the first time
Oh yes friends can’t help but laugh out loud
Our foreheads knock, our arms do entwine
Passion isn’t smooth when love is vowed.

The last wine is poured gingerly as we lie
The moonlight reflecting your flesh is lush
All the giggles have turned to purrs and sighs
Our eyes close to the sound of the gypsy hush.

Author Notes: This piece was written one night that I was at first blocked for a topic. I grabbed one of the many books that Lori has and just paged through it. I think it was an Ann Rice book... but somewhere in it there was a chapter about Gypsy love.. thus the tie in to my Bohemian background and the song. It will be the feature title track of the cd that I planning on finishing someday and self-publishing through If you work thru them, they put your music on iTunes... Yeah BABY... plus as of the day I posted this blog it is on my myspace site to listen to :

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