Saturday, July 16, 2011

Late August Revisited.

Was it the late August evening back again?
We were wrapped in a blanket, barely staying awake.
Kate you were so smooth like a mom’s voice,
Like a friend telling good news to take on our way

Thirty some years can fly by like yesterday,
But music binds us together, melodies and vinyl.
So after an impulse stop, a few laughs and raindrops
Now we’re face to face, you with that familiar smile.

So every one stops here to find that same special thing
Now today, I grasp on to a lady from my past
And oh my present, say “Give yourself to Love” will fit.
There you go Kate gracing another a marriage to last.

I’ll revisit the voice again in each of every ten songs
Then move them to technology that you would've smiled at,
Only to someday share it with someone again with smile.
Yep that’s the late Kate Wolf, proud to have fallen asleep to

About in 1980 in LaCrosse.

Rest in Peace Kate.

Here is Kathy Mattae's cover of "Give yourself to Love" "pretty video as well as song."