Thursday, October 30, 2014

Just another...

He’s sitting alone in the coffee shop

            Laptop open blank stare on his face

Waitin’ for the night’s entrée

            Fall salad with a slice of disgrace

He hadn’t fallen, he never got on top

She hadn’t stolen, the heart she dropped

Just another case of love at the coffee shop

She sighs a smile as they make up their mind

            Her thoughts a mere table away

Silently he sits staring into space

            His midnight eyes never stray

She hasn’t fallen, she rarely gets up

He hasn’t broken, the fumbled cup

Just another case of love at the coffee shop

The door opens in this crowded café

            Both look up from their spots

Another story line enters the room

            Bringing answers, or maybe not.

They haven’t fallen, just playing their parts.

No love stolen, and no broken hearts

Just a lost case of love at the coffee shop

By Dave Schipper © 2014 Rose Riversongs

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Angel of David

The Angel of David does just exists in his mind.
She takes many forms but always easily kind
She wraps him in tinder silently waits for the spark
Her long hair flowing and eyes so mysteriously dark

She looks so entitled, but it does not relate to her past.
She scorns all the trends and stick with style that lasts.
So remarkably holy yet she never attempts to deploy.
Her soul touch your eyes and you’re just left to comply

The Angel of David is not given to fly
Nor is she is seen from on high
Oh my this Angel whispers light
Her hair disappearing in the night
The Angel of David sings her psalm
A heart’s lament bringing calm

She comes to visit and talk you down from dreaded sorrow
With words that simmer inside and warm you thru tomorrow
An angel of mercy, grace and passion, please hear her sing
Be with her now in silence, and love long until the morning.
By Dave Schipper © 2014 Rose Riversongs