Monday, April 15, 2013

Take the Road

I'm driving two ways at the same time
I'm walking the thin sanity line
With power poles providing measures
My heart pounds out the rhythmic pleasures

I see the horizon over the dashboard
But it's your love is on distant shore
I see your face reflected in each sign
But it's your place I just can't find

Take the road from my spine
The speed I'm going is a crime
My heart bleeds from the wound
I'm alone with this dark tune
Take the road from my spine
Your twisted barb's entwined
Take the road, Take the road from my spine

The night green eyes, the whine of the cycle
Fill the air with damp words of trifle
Would you care for a return
A shift in the plans from lessons learned

The black mane of your hair swings wide
Erasing any love you had left inside.
Crumpled and tossed out your window at night
Frozen in silence of the oncoming light (Chorus)

The lights flash red & blue
My heart beats to the tune
In the distance the puddles of the night
Shine red with blood in sight

The lies you lived are distant to me
Now gone for no one to see
I pass slowly in the left
Tonight you lost your last bet. (Chorus)

By Dave Schipper © 2013 Rose Riversongs