Saturday, December 28, 2013

Scenes around us.

Living in a mile of ocean
Stumblin on a second hand
Waving to the scenes around us
As we take drink of our bitter brand

Searching for the real salt pearl
Leaving no stone unturned
Dancing to scene around us
As we step away from being burned

Will the fire burn bright
Right thru the night
Will there be ashes
Of our love

Waiting for a rain of manna
Wandering in the sands alone
Hearing the scenes around us
As we pick up another dry bone

Staring at the red orange sunset
Dreading the day ahead
Embracing the scenes around us
As we slip into our trundle bed

Will the fire burn bright
Right thru the night
Will there be ashes
Of our love

By Dave Schipper © 2013 Rose Riversongs

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Eve (Peace be with you)

Snow is gently falling, the cat’s under the tree
Joyous light is calling, new hope for us to see

Winter is here, and nothing to fear
Friends are in town, and comfort abounds

Peace to you, Peace to you,
God’s peace to you, Peace.

Church bells are sounding, the parking lots full
The eve service starting, racks packed with wool

Jesus is here, and nothing to fear
Good friends around singly heavenly sounds.

Peace to you, Peace to you
God’s peace to you,  Peace.

By Dave Schipper © 2013 Rose Riversongs

Saturday, December 14, 2013

For Lady Rose MacClare

What a horrid way to start!
Oh my Rose you break my heart,
Yet you are so quick to move
In and about with something to prove

Let’s start again, and this time slower
I will love you, as you get older
If you still have a need for me then
If not, I’ll say “oh my we loved back when”

By Dave Schipper © 2013 Rose Riversong

My Fantasy

I stood in line with all the rest
Watching you in that cotton dress
Unaware how pretty you are to me
The smile you gave to each anew
One by one the patrons slid thru
Until again it was my turn to see
………….. my fantasy, my fantasy

The magic in your eyes and smile
Would make an hour wait worthwhile
We share names in this daily repartee
Is it really intimacy
Or merely friendly privacy
Alas again it was my silent plea
………….. my fantasy, my fantasy

Alone I find myself again
Waiting this time with pen in hand
Mere feet apart could be a mass sea
For in our time, we never talk
Or chance a moment to be caught
Until again it was my time to leave
………….. my fantasy, my fantasy

by Dave Schipper © 2013 Rose Riversongs

Sunday, December 1, 2013

My inspiration

You are my inspiration
A muse,
Unbounded exhilaration.

Your smile
Demure yet accented by
Those eyes
A window to bold intrigue

I pause
Though you are three steps ahead
With plans
Fabric in Venetian red

You reach
For my hand and say quickly
What if,
But I’m lost completely

You are my inspiration,
Though near
I fight for inhalation.

For Denise Lovett on The Paradise
By Dave Schipper  © Rose Riversongs 2013 

Enjoy the rest of my deep love for Denise at my other blog.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Red Rising Sun

Red sun rising thru my cabin door
My friends warned me, you don’t love me any more
When I last saw you in the pines
Your green eyes sparkle and I held your hand in mine

There’s no escape from love they say
There’s no escaping truth
There’s no answer for me today
In this room there’s no you.

Take a walk back to when we met
Take a walk with me
Take a walk up that state park cliff
Breathe in and smell the trees

Red sun set on the lake that night
We drifted along with calm delight
A loon called to the stars above
Your green eyes reflected all my love.

There’s no escape from love they say
There’s no escaping truth
There’s no answer for me today
In this room there’s love for you.

Red storm blew in that night
Black clouds of foul spoken smite
The lake raged, wind blew from the south
The door slammed and the taillights pulled out

There’s no escape from love they say
There’s no escaping truth
There’s no answer for me today
In this room there’s no you.

© 2013 Dave Schipper Rose Riversongs

Monday, April 15, 2013

Take the Road

I'm driving two ways at the same time
I'm walking the thin sanity line
With power poles providing measures
My heart pounds out the rhythmic pleasures

I see the horizon over the dashboard
But it's your love is on distant shore
I see your face reflected in each sign
But it's your place I just can't find

Take the road from my spine
The speed I'm going is a crime
My heart bleeds from the wound
I'm alone with this dark tune
Take the road from my spine
Your twisted barb's entwined
Take the road, Take the road from my spine

The night green eyes, the whine of the cycle
Fill the air with damp words of trifle
Would you care for a return
A shift in the plans from lessons learned

The black mane of your hair swings wide
Erasing any love you had left inside.
Crumpled and tossed out your window at night
Frozen in silence of the oncoming light (Chorus)

The lights flash red & blue
My heart beats to the tune
In the distance the puddles of the night
Shine red with blood in sight

The lies you lived are distant to me
Now gone for no one to see
I pass slowly in the left
Tonight you lost your last bet. (Chorus)

By Dave Schipper © 2013 Rose Riversongs

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Incredibly soft.
Yes that’s how I know
Your lips, your hair.

Indelibly graceful
You, as you pass by
Mere feet away

Stunningly simple
Earth tones suit you well
From the sweater to scarf

Suspiciously quiet
In the middle of the dim
You’re the eye of my heart

Purely joyful
Pull up a chair and rest
Smile and raise a glass

With me.

By Dave Schipper © 2013 Rose Riversongs

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fashion becomes you....

There stands a vegetarian beauty
Dreadlocks and tenuous stature
I just wonder what’s her story
What came first, genes or nature?

Dress her in an Edwardian gown,
And she becomes a PBS star.
Her eyes are the deepest brown
While moving with free grace

Dress her in a wild orange paisley
And you have Colleen Corby
Just 21 and in the summer of love
While looking so adorable

There stands a confident girl
She can smile fully aware
That she can write her own story
And take whoever she’s dares.

Originally published March 21, 2012... but I thought it was to hard to read....

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lady Mary & Matthew (Season TWO)

Lonely the flower the blooms first in spring
Lonely the lady with no wedding ring
Stately she stands in gown so devine
Gently she weeps for him night after night

Mary’s a vision and he loves her dear
Pride and misfortunate has kept him from her
Fills with delight as he sees her each time
When will they be one he says in his mind

Humbly the servant prepares her to dine
Glances and pauses reveal her disguise
Matthew is coming; she’s brimming inside
Stoically she moves showing only her pride.

Precise the setting, and superb the wine.
Nothing compared to Mary at his side
Polite the manners, and coyly she smiles
Warming the eve in this cool British Isle.

The ballroom is empty; they stand face to face
He says it’s time to love and the past to erase
Snow falls and she smirkly says take a knee
Only to embrace with a passion so free.

Written by Dave Schipper to the Slane melody originally publish in Be thou my Vision in 1902 © 2012 Rose Riversongs.  I published this first on Febr. 10, 2012 and today I sit a little over a year later thinking I must write a Season three reprise.  It hard when the ending is much more blue; so we'll see if it happens.

Here's the melody that the piece is written to.

I couldn't help myself from singing it.... since I wrote as I was singing it.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Coffee house

You’re behind the counter,
And you have no choice
So you’re instinctively pure
And use a pleasant voice.

I’m on the other side and coy
Yes I know what I want
And besides you, oh boy
Cup of soup and croissant.

This coffee dance goes on
From sea to shiny sea.
Coffeehouse’s best patrons
Are lovers who inside plea

For more intensity than

© 2013 Dave Schipper Rose Riversongs.

Dedicated to Natalie, Keelie, Callie, Kate, Michelle and numerous baristas and people who have been friendly to me in my life. I wish I knew all your names as I know your faces and feel the love of the smile you shared.