Saturday, November 21, 2009


Playlist © Dave Schipper 2005 Rose Riversongs

The same old songs are on my play list
Each song is tied to a time and place
And too many paint a picture of your face.
The one I lost along the way

Longing for a passionate kiss
Jimi’s Angel Flying in the skies
With brown eyes that Van describes.
Your my Paradise

From the start we were born to run
Unabashed on carefree highways
Now I think you were still the one
Or am I just crazy. Chorus

Can’t forget our moondance
Washed in the midnight hour
You didn’t save the last dance
And sweet dream did sour

Now I’m down by the river
Alone and so blue
Love could be around the corner
But I sing this song for you. Chorus

Time to color my world anew
Start listening to new music
Get drunk, find someone to screw
And start the dance they pick Chorus

Friday, November 20, 2009

Josie Mae

Oh Josie, Josie Mae,
Cute as pie, they all say
When you dance and look their way
Oh Josie, Josie Mae,

Oh Josie, sway & swing
Your baby’s due late next spring
When you smile at your gold ring
Oh Josie flap your angel wings

Oh Josie, take your man downtown
You won’t tease your lovin’ clown
When you stand in your weddin’ gown
Oh Josie you should wear a crown.

Oh Josie, put a flower in her hair
You’ll take her to the county fair
When you say your mama’s prayer
Oh Josie she gets tender care.

By Dave Schipper © 2009 Rose Riversongs

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Counting Words...

You’ve got me counting words,
Analyzing lines and extrapolating whys.
Baby you know I think too much
But you give me data for thought.
In the silence I ponder each word
Each phrase has many meanings.
Oh sure I could be dancing
Creating new definitions and context.
Yet at the end of my analysis
Is a positive view of you; and I smile.

by Dave Schipper © 2009 Rose Riversongs