Wednesday, September 19, 2018

What did I say?

What was it I said?
What was it I did?
When did you stop
being a friend?

I’m obsessed with you
But I kept it cool
You cut me off
Silence from your end

Should I avoid you
Stop going places
They’ll be awkward smiles
One will leave in the end

Now it’s back to me
Stalk you in reverse
I’ll find new haunts
And just remember when

I’ve said way too much
Done more than you wanted
You gave me no chance
And just made it end

by Dave Schipper (c) 2018 Rose Riversongs

note... don't panic.. trying to get in touch with sadness, I imagined a friend deciding she had enough with me.  A truly saddest state I could imagine.  I made a point of getting in touch with my morose side when I heard Dessa insured herself against losing it... say what, in case she got too happy.  Yes I've been too happy.

Saturday, September 15, 2018


Yes what follows is true.
Believe me friends can catch you
They can stretch you, boost you and lie to you.

One by one, they come calling
Surprise you when you’re falling
Or lead into the appalling and withdrawing

Now I pause for a second
Will I learn a new lesson,
Or persist in confession and confusion.

I’ll guess the later
But seriously does it matter.
With friends like this I’m happier and sadder.
by Dave Schipper (c) 2018 Rose Riversongs

Monday, September 3, 2018

Forever 21

Somewhere along the way
you grew part of my day
Oh the stories you’d tell
A bit emotional

You’re   forever   21
the first to have fun
Not to be outdone,
you’re  forever    21

You don’t care to grow up
Plan days to act adult
So put on your fav dress
And dance your hair a mess


She knew that she had won
When she was her baddest
She’ll slow down just for once
At the dawn’s morning kiss


by Dave Schipper (c) 2018 Rose Riversongs

Saturday, July 28, 2018


Strings, strings, bodda bing
you played my heart strings
with a voice clear and charming

Strings strings rusty strings
Oh you played summer heat
but not now you sound incomplete

Strings, strings political things
I will yes sir with all my heart
And won’t be in it from the start

Strings, strings, sloppy things
This old comfy shirt is tattering
Which is soul shattering

Strings, strings, my strings
Any pretty smile plays me
I’m ready to do as you please

Strings, strings, what tomorrow brings
Maybe more words on an organ
Maybe sleep in and forget again

Strings, strings bodda bing
you make my heart sing
You make my world everything

Strings, strings, endless strings
Caught in a ten minute symphony

Lost in thought what irony

by Dave Schipper (c) 2018 Rose Riversongs 

 Note: This came from a morning exercise called Object Writing. Learned about the putting this routine in from Miss Tess and she pointed me to  I highly recommend the exercise, and if you sign up, Mr. Pattison's name is Pat.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Crazy Enough for You

When its 1 o’clock and I’m all spent
You’re still all smiles and won’t relent
Another round or maybe two
Because I’m crazy enough for you

Tonight this chick flick has three men in it
And I am one of them and proud of it
We’ll laugh and cry too
Because I’m crazy enough for you

You open the door and scream “Snake!”
Without thinking I go and grab the rake
Was I dumb or just a fool
At least I’m crazy enough for you

Many guys have a way of shutting up
You know me, I’ll just make the words up
Sometimes they’ll catch you too
You know, I’m crazy enough for you
By Dave Schipper © 2018 Rose Riversongs

Really didn't think this was going to be a song... picked up a guitar and it wrote itself.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Safe Friends

Here’s to safe friends, may you have a few
The stories shared don’t go anywhere
They pick on you when you’ve had a few
Pick you up when you’re feeling blue
They’re first to say sorry even if no harm was done
And they’ll laugh with glory when your fly is undone
So here’s to those safe friends 
……………may they be with you to the end

by Dave Schipper (c) 2018 Rose Riversongs

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

We live with Angels

We live with angels all around
In these sleepy little towns
They take no credit for themselves
They are just women at the well

In the mirror they see a sinner
Not a warrior or winner
But in their heart, they are a saint
With the new world to paint

We live with angels
They are in the silence
We live with angels
Know they are present
We live with angels

They’re mothers in the crosshairs 
For migrant children in despair
They’re making bread for the poor
Greeting them at the door.

These angels shine bright in dark bars
In factories and beat up cars
They energize a full classroom
Knowing someone there will bloom

We live with angels
They walk among us
We live with angels
And they cuss and fuss
We live with angels

by Dave Schipper (c) 2018 Rose Riversongs

writers note:  This piece was written in my mind over days, and it was influenced by song titled "Too Many Angels" by Jackson Browne who I had chance to see in last weeks.  The angels I know would never claim to be angels, and those claim to be champions are paupers not worthy of Jesus love.  But love he promises, and will deliver to the tax collectors, to the border protectors, and to the innocent of the world.  We have a world with a hand we're dealt, let's try to spread love of an angel while we're naturally born sinners.

Photo linked to : Meet the Women  credited to Gregory Bull/AP/REX/Shutterstock 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Festival is on

I’ll take my hands and use my voice
Share my gifts as a choice
A loving gift to the folks, here
I’ll spread the stories all around
It’s just where I’m bound
And tip a hat the ones, before
Sing and dance
Take a chance
Just freelance
a little romance
The festival is on today
Stop by decide to stay
It’s held for folk, like you
Handmade and old inspired
Just chill you won’t get tired
Here’s a brown ale just, for you.
Sing and dance
Give a glance
To enhance
Your life’s stance.
by Dave Schipper (c) 2018 Rose Riversongs

Written after I was challenged to write a song for the Great River Folk Fest that I've been the chair of for the last 3 years.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Some come...

Some come to hear a certain voice
Some spouse had no choice
Others come because of the time before
And only imagine what’s in store

Sit back have a listen
And leave knowing a new friend
With maybe a story to tell
To someone who says,
What the hell?

Yep a house concert!

by Dave Schipper
(c) 2018 Rose Riversongs

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Life's layers

Today I pulled back one of life’s layers

Painfully pulled the crosshairs of my pride

Whispers of an unanswered prayer

Guilty pleasure left inside

I pause and thank God for Grace

And find myself being humble

With a sense of peace at this place

Until the next time I stumble

By Dave Schipper © 2018 Rose Riversongs

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Good Morning

Good morning coffee 
Hello news 
What do you have to offer
That won’t make me blue?

Good morning Facebook 
Hello timeline
I’ll take a quick look
To see if you’re fine

Good morning commute
Hello white lines
Alone and mute 
To which is perfectly fine

Good morning thoughts
Hello prayers 
To all things sought
In life’s layers

Good morning cold
Hello drizzly rain
Yes I’m feeling old
But free of pain

Good morning Mr. Officer
So what did I do?
I didn’t think I was faster
Than any average Joe

Good morning train
Hello Mankato
You’re such a royal pain
I have places to go

Good morning 
To all.

By Dave Schipper © 2018 Rose Riversongs

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sconnie Girl

You are one smart woman
You wear freckles as your tan
Like stone beads over pearls
You are my Sconnie girl

When it comes to cheese
You say a little extra please
You won’t wear it as a bra or hat
But see nothing wrong with that

You never worry about the cold
Cause you have a new hat to show
When the last blizzard came
You said "rather snow than hurricane."

Spring means biking again
A brisk shot of cold wind
You live here for a reason
Just love the change of seasons

You prefer Brown to an IPA
Goes down easy on a summers day
Just sit back and watch the river go bye
And listen to some good music live

You know fall will bring football
Badgers and Packers and all
Still you will find time to ride
50 and sunny no time to hide inside

You are one smart woman
You wear freckles as your tan
Like stone beads over pearls
You are my Sconnie girl

by Dave Schipper (c) 2018 Rose Riversongs

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Going past the lines of trees in the low lands
Single thought comes across my mind
It was the day we gently held hands 
With no word or meaning to find

The crunch of snow in blue sky morning
We laughed at whatever each said
Then by noon with each of us leaving
A farewell kiss put this love to bed

A woodland dream
A lake of steam
The silent answer
A field of corn
A love forlorn
The hidden cancer
And in the end
You were my friend
The pretty dancer

In the long lines of trees in the low lands
My soul refreshed with memories
It was as if I could feel your hands 
I never thanked you for the stories.

by Dave Schipper (c) 2018 Rose Riversongs.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Silenced voice

The voices have not been silenced
Words written down, composed to song
Now they talk to me 41 years later
Strum your guitar, tell your story.
There is only one choice.
Harry, rest in peace. 
Thank you again.

by Dave Schipper
(c) 2018 Rose Riversongs