Monday, June 22, 2009


An ordinary morning
To pour out words for you.
You are
The rich taste of Columbian.
You are
The cool morning breeze.
You are
The twinkling distant headlights.
You are
The dampness chilling my bones.

If one is special,
It moves in an ordinary way.
You move
To the task at hand smiling.
You move
To the song’s sound slowly.
You move
Me to write these lines
You move
Me to thank God everyday.

I am just ordinary
And you are too, in a special way.

By Dave Schipper © 2009 Rose Riversongs
Photo credits : Coffee
Ordinary People

Monday, June 8, 2009


Everything reminded me of you.
The contour of the pen
The song overhead
The rain on my face.

I’m probably not an afterthought
You are self-centered
You’re already down the road
You’re in your place.

My imagination created it all.
The look was innocent
The laugh was casual
The silence, just space.

At lunch
I reconcile the past events.
We’ll see other again and again
We’ll talk and freely laugh
We’ll meet face to face

And I
Will die a little more each time
When your eyes light up
When your hand touches my arm
When you turn with grace.

And leave.

Dave Schipper
© 2009 Rose Riversongs
photo credit