Monday, January 20, 2014

I don't follow the rules.

My hope is that we all feel a little like this once in a while.

I write within the lines
and scribble in the margins.
I am partners with great software
But curse many hardware stores.
I look down to catch beautiful curves
And love to look up into eyes.
I am worthless pile of skin and bones
But I’m loved by the innocent.
I will wake with a smile on my face
And I will die content.
Especially if you are smiling now.

By Dave Schipper © 2010 Rose Riversongs

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dance Tonight

The dance of the life, the chance of time
Ages of man women have written
Pages and pages filled with rhyme
Still the real bells and whistles simple
A wink of an eye, a glance from behind
To blink you’d miss it, a lover’s symbol

So take this dance with me tonight
My hand gentle on your back
Keep me in your constant in your site
As we dance, we dance thru the night

You hair pulled high all the fabric pressed
The music begins and the crowd stirs a start
Cruising the floor in you red dress
Your skin so white, your eyes so dark
Unclench my soul be still my heart
I would be yours, please drop your guard.

So mark the time …that song did end
A pregnant pause a silent bow
We left the floor hand in hand
A with a toast … our life began
A blend red a black and tan
We started life a lady and her man.

© Dave Schipper Rose Riversongs. 2012/ 2014

Lyric development explained at this link.