Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Falling Water Seranade

Words can't discribe;
The harmony
Nature, man
Side by Side.

I leave you then
with this
Melody flowing
in Time.

Thanks for listening... Dave.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Soldier of passion

“Act well your part, that’s where honor lies”
Truly carved in stone on a path in Allegheny.
I am a soldier of passion, and bleed roses.
I care for one as a care for many.

Lead foot is a step behind the shadows
But the heart is ahead of the brain.
Shifting in the grass along the cement rows
I pause to look at a frozen angel again.

A staring glance pierces the soul of the living
Yet I’m allowed to break free without despair.
I walk on and act my part of the caring
To honor the passion that’s in the night air.

© 2011 Dave Schipper Rose Riversongs.

The top and bottom photos were found in Flickr, I do not claim ownership of them... they are wonderful though...

Allegheny angel

Back in August I met an angel I will never forget.
Time to kill, so why not in a hip part of steel town
Narrow road, red brick and yellow steel vignette
Whispers of steel workers told me to write them down.

I looked at the curbside sign for the Piccolo Forno
Smiled at the BYOB and decided to venture in
The smell of garlic, now I lust for a bordeaux.
To not feast on the moment would be a sin.

I find a spot against the wall with room to write
Focused and self absorbed I grab my pad & pen
Just as I begin a red leather menu is in my site
I instinctively thank her and begin to write again.

Moments later I hear “do you have any questions?”
I look up and suddenly am swept inside her eyes
We share a smile, “do you have a suggestion?”
I'd agreed to any she said, wow what a prize.

Her choppy black hair bangs and long neck
Quickly I thought this woman is Daphne Moon.
Jokingly I kept asking questions to hear her talk
Papardelle, farro, Lemon Risotto, better order soon.

A panini with soppressata was it, and she left
Also with my thoughts as she turned so graceful
I tried to write but anticipated being bereft
And indeed left with only memories of an Allegheny angel

© Dave Schipper 2011 Rose Riversongs