Saturday, August 13, 2011

Soldier of passion

“Act well your part, that’s where honor lies”
Truly carved in stone on a path in Allegheny.
I am a soldier of passion, and bleed roses.
I care for one as a care for many.

Lead foot is a step behind the shadows
But the heart is ahead of the brain.
Shifting in the grass along the cement rows
I pause to look at a frozen angel again.

A staring glance pierces the soul of the living
Yet I’m allowed to break free without despair.
I walk on and act my part of the caring
To honor the passion that’s in the night air.

© 2011 Dave Schipper Rose Riversongs.

The top and bottom photos were found in Flickr, I do not claim ownership of them... they are wonderful though...

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Bruce Potts said...

Beautiful poetry, Dave. Well done!