Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Fantasy

I stood in line with all the rest
Watching you in that cotton dress
Unaware how pretty you are to me
The smile you gave to each anew
One by one the patrons slid thru
Until again it was my turn to see
………….. my fantasy, my fantasy

The magic in your eyes and smile
Would make an hour wait worthwhile
We share names in this daily repartee
Is it really intimacy
Or merely friendly privacy
Alas again it was my silent plea
………….. my fantasy, my fantasy

Alone I find myself again
Waiting this time with pen in hand
Mere feet apart could be a mass sea
For in our time, we never talk
Or chance a moment to be caught
Until again it was my time to leave
………….. my fantasy, my fantasy

by Dave Schipper © 2013 Rose Riversongs

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