Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hues of Freedom

Hues by Dave Schipper © 2008 Rose Riversongs

I see the rich deep hues of tonal blends.
Not just black and white, more grayscale.
I work to select words that don’t offend.
‘Cause friends like alliances are fragile.

So when I see my supporters line up
I see parasitic lawyers and agendas.
The homeless with their empty cup.
Gays, gray hairs, and young all blended.

I’m no different than others who love
I embrace my wife, my child, and my friends.
I live in the country all dream of.
So it’s hard to live and to pretend.

We need to stop pandering to ourselves.
To do the right thing, you’re unelectable.
Pick the words from the book on the shelf.
Smile, shake hands with the agreeable.

Life will go on if I’m not the victor
It has and it will; a great guarantee.
The hues of freedoms in tone richer
Because this land is made for you and me.

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