Monday, November 10, 2008

I am

I am writing gibberish.
My only thoughts are nonsense.
I take my age, add two years and whatever.

I am solving world issues.
My way is the right and only stance.
I’m sure to read this in an email somewhere.

I am living a fantasy world.
My days go by making absolutely no sense.
I’m proud that every day I put on clean underwear.

I am giving reasons to lock me up.
My actions though give me a second chance.
I write and write until the day I find you there.

By Dave Schipper... from somewhere back in 2007

Hey all you people finding me out in the blogspot, I've been up to writing and posting words for a few years... the full archive is over at I'll dabble keeping this one up... who knows it might take a world of it's own, and just like at over at MySpace... Rose was one of my first readers...but she never ever posts a comment.


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