Saturday, November 22, 2008

Eight is Midnight

Eight Is Midnight by Kolek/Schipper © Roseriversongs 2005

Tim tells his sad tale to some bad scotch

Margaretville, is all Dave’s got

Paula has a 5 O’clock blonde attitude

So crank up the sound and get in the mood

Follow the Mississippi moon shadow
Down Little Creek Road for dancing tonight
There’s a keg of the king so get down low
We’ll push back the clock, so eight is midnight

Adeline is fine for sweet cherry wine

But Sue’s on the edge cause it’s quittin time

We’ll drink Lynnie’s Lakewood Blues and be

Back to the keg king and good company


Our Ramblin Boy stops by with a friend

With guitar in hand and songs he penned.

So turn down the sound, and grab a chair

He’ll paint you a dream and take you there

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