Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Inaugration Prayer

People who believe that they are descendants of Abraham dominate this world; if we agree on that, why can't we agree on more?

In this mixed up world, it's not that we just disagree but there is out right anger even within each other's faith. My hope is that with this new President we start finding peace on our same table, and then we start getting up and talking to people at the other tables. We'll stop acting like middleschoolers; and we'll start acting like adults, and admiring the gifts that God has blessed us with rather that the differences we share.

Somewhere Yahweh will be happy with his children, and stop his weeping. Deserts will be fertile with love, and streets will be filled with common sense.

We will treasure each other gay and anti-gay as an expression of our brutal & realistic human nature. Any misguided anger will be crushed by a hug from a nine year old, or the whisper from a ninety year old.

I dream we will be stronger. Yes, I believe there is hope; and I pray God gives Obama the strength to be pragmatic to offer this poor sinner an opportunity to talk at this precious time.

God bless us, and make us stronger lovers.

Peace. Dave

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bri said...

Thanks for the blog comment.
I'm not exactly sure what you meant by "send me on at myspace",
I hope you can clear that up. Until then...
Have a good day.