Saturday, December 27, 2008

Footsteps Everyday Dave Schipper © RoseRiversongs 2005

Me and Dad never talked to much
He pounded nails for a paltry pay
We were just Catholic White Trash
Goin to church but not actin’ that way

Now I’m walkin’ with the ghost of my old man
I live his purgatory today
Refresh his soul from his bigotry
I am walkin’ in his footsteps everyday.
I am walkin’ in his footsteps everyday.

Dad had an eye on pretty girls,
He had sparkle eyes when he flirted
Now over 40 and I do the same
But like Dad, we never cheated

Your craft made wood come to life
Red River Valley was a hymn to you
Now I make the guitar wood sing
And I hasten to bid you adieu

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