Friday, December 19, 2008

Blonde Attitude - a woman's perspective

Blonde Attitude by Dave Schipper ©2006 RoseRiver Songs

Call it a week, call it a day
Call it what you like I just want to get paid (or laid)
Tired of my job, Tired of my boss
Time to primp and sharpen the claws.

I’m just music with a blonde attitude
You’ll love to hear those words that I use
You keep wishin for some time with me
This blonde attitude’s in perfect key

Here’s your brew, and here’ your life
God just forget that bitch, our exwife.
Grab hold my hand, grab on your heart
Grab on tight you know just where to start

Smile and laugh, smile and relax
Smile to the girls looking from the back
Move to the left, move to the right
Move anyway, just hold me tight.

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