Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tell me a story

It was a moment in time to share
A couple of good friends and some ale
To be sure an innocuous affair
But Friday’s child is an old wives tale

There was nothing rehearsed in that moment
Just a relaxed conversation flowing
One memory linked to the last word spoken
A few laughs and they kept going.

Out of the blue
Tell me a story
And hook me in
One tried and true
You’d never bore me
Just tell me again

She looked over her glasses with a smile
The green devilness shown through
Ok a "Did you know" moment old style
My mind blown with that voodoo

Out of the blue
She told a story
And hooked me in
Not tried and true
No way bored me
Just tell me again

A pause and an awkward silence
The proverbial fork in the road again
The right words chosen for balance
And the story was taken to the end.

By Dave Schipper © 2017 Rose Riversongs

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