Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Simple Roots

She drew back her bow, and called out the key
A melody true and they joined slowly
One by one, they each had a say
Just a waltz in G, a great start to the day.

Here’s to the roots and simple they be
Here’s the folks, who gather to see.
Here’s the time, hope it never ends.
Here’s to love, we share as friends 

With Pete on the pics and joy in the air
A cast of friends searched for a chair
Students huddled doing homework
To live music is oh such a perk

There in the crowd, beside beer and crepes
Sat a young soul, his heart for the take
She drew back her bow, and just let it ring
Not knowing she played his heartstrings

After the show, he hung around
Nursing an ale, a downtown brown
He shook Tom's hand, and got to meet her
They talked for an hour; left strangers no more.

Dave Schipper (c) 2017 Rose Riversongs

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