Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Confession of a true romantic

It is with dread I tell my story; my confession.
As I open myself to the honesty of consequences.
Addicted, I must avoid the public places of life
Anytime I sit in the open, it’s mere moments
And I’m lost in romance of another stranger.

These novelettes are one sided but each unique.
The cotton print of the blushing brunette
The piercing eyes of the gray hair beauty
The pug braid accentuating her long neck
And I’m lost in the unfolding love and danger.

The vulnerability is my haunting pleasure
These souls don’t realize their power over me
I’d be on bended knee in a flash if they knew.
A mere sentence or two would pierce a shy armor
Bleeding passion profusely, a life changer.

Though no one is hurt, scar tissue is growing.
Not that this play has no acts or scenes set,
It’s just that the reality of a few minutes
Is dwarfed by the epic played out in my head.
I’m just lost again in romance and I linger.

But drag me through the gutter; I do go on.
And I must admit my saviors are the angels.
I must only be attracted to the true golden ones.
They see this halo of a ring I wear proudly
And treat me as some else’s gift and tender.

Well a leopard can’t change his spots, nor I.
I am blanketed in love from a special woman.
One who knows me for the gypsy lover within
So my heart will skip a beat for sparkling eyes
And I’ll be lost in romance with another stranger.

But I sleep at peace with my true love
With a smile on my face.

(c) by Dave Schipper 2010 Rose Riversongs

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