Monday, June 28, 2010

Tonight I was humbled

Tonight I was humbled.
By a two year old and her eager intensity,
She was going to get a sleigh bike ride.

Tonight I was amazed.
By a speeding middle aged man
Biking and talking on a cell phone.

Tonight I was pleased.
The gentle pattering of two elderly ladies,
Does their conversations drift back to Laos?

Tonight I was eased.
The solitude of old man on a bucket
Sitting on a pier with a sparkling lake.

Tonight I was pushed
The breeze picked up my pace
Only to remind me of it’s power later.

Tonight I was amused.
Telling a runner to slow down
And sheer joy swept across her face.

Tonight I was humbled.
I come looking for passionate inspiration
And Lake Winona replenished with grace.

By Dave Schipper © 2010 Rose Riversongs

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