Sunday, January 18, 2009

A New Light

by Dave Schipper © 2009 Rose Riversongs

No whisker or sharp edge because
He lived his life within tolerance.
Not born into a privileged life
He honed his innate common sense.

Oh he was a friend to many, close to none.
Living a balance between alone and lonely.
He found his form of sanity in writing.
But even that he chose to do silently.

One day he broke from the mold and form
Shocked by the loss of his employment
No longer productive he was told politely
He was too numb and broken to comment.

To start down a path of humbleness
Was a journey where none would recognize him?
He would control his wrath but be reckless
Free abundant love would be his new hymn.

Smart choice, but where was his manual?
No spec sheet, nothing in simple black and white?
This was right choice because he needed it.
The pilot passion light inside would ignite.

Everyone at church that weekend saw him smile.
No one brought up any of the sordid work details
Brimming, he laughed with no end; even shook hands.
Yes out of the dark of night, a new light prevails.

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