Monday, January 19, 2009

He, She, Us, Them....

He walked the six steps and opened the door.
The entry through the garage, normal fare.
Left, right, he surveyed hoping to explore.
The feel of money, he’s nothing to compare.

He stands erect, with his best clothes on
The entry is full of hosts, guests, and family
Left, right, he looked for one to latch on
The feel of belonging, he needed commonly.

He reached out, eyes engaged, hand outstretched
The entry complete to some observant’s eye
Left, right, he looked for friends confirmed
The feel he’s succeeded is gusto denied

He turned away, knowing his vote is gone
The entry is nothing for some, but not him
Left, right, he looked designated pawn.
To feel he’s succeeded not now but then.

…. Or maybe it was she.?

Peace to the Democrats… They waged the war of the neglected person and the neglected Super Delegate; now they need to wage war of confidence and reconciliation. Pray for them.


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