Sunday, January 4, 2009

Killin Time

by Dave Schipper © 2005 Rose Riversongs

Killin time with my guitar
Know some day I’ll be a star
Then I’ll buy a fancy car
Just to drive down to the bar
They’ll all say he went real far
Just him and his old guitar

Pen a rhyme, it sure feels fine
Write a verse, it’s not a curse
Find a groove, and let it loose
Get a singer, hot dinger
What a voice, just the right choice
Hope this time, you’ll make a dime

Limp back to realty
The song’s not the right country
Word fun is now history
Maybe even last century
Lift a glass, it was a blast
Keep the dream, sure not the last


bri said...

Alright, I sent you that myspcae request you were asking for.
Sorry for the wait, I've been away from my work computer.

bri said...

Thanks for your comment, but I'm confused when you said you never saw my friend request on myspace.
I sent you one, and now
you show up under my New Friends.
(Love the Unloved is where I work,
not to be confused with my personal myspace)