Thursday, April 6, 2017

the gig

She joined the clutter of stage
Confident, curious, charming
Peering around the crowd to gauge
If anyone would be too alarming
Just a safe crowd
Not proud or loud

There in the quarter inch cords & plugs
Last night’s lost picks and busted strings
Then surprise a too quick friend hug
Focus again and sound guy is just a ding
Just a ding ling
A ling a ling

Some people came for the music
Some just to have a few new beers 
Others smell of too much prozac
A few shots and they dance and cheer
Let’s get it on
And on and on.

So breaks comes around, sigh and smile
Sweaty and tired with adrenaline rush
Grab a beer, hide for just awhile
Then he comes up with a cutest blush
Just a kid yep
Too flip but hip

Stammers out a hello to her
Figuring that she’d be gone in a flash
He says there’s no hyperbole
"I like you and I'm not white trash"
What a new line
A sign or shine

He said you are cute, potty break
Off she ran pondering him in the noise
Wandered back for goodness sake
Instrument in hand finding my voice
Looked up no boy
No corduroy joy

The night closes like normally does
Teardown, friends, a beer relaxer
The quiet in the car rare because
He weaves into the song mixer
The solo crowd
Not proud or loud

by Dave Schipper (c) 2017 Rose Riversongs 
dedicated to Jessie, Natalie, Jillian, & Sara

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