Sunday, October 8, 2017

Don't Screw it Up

Don't screw it up, again
You have the right plan 
just take her by the hand
And don't screw it up again

That night at the bar
I knew you were a star
From the way you walked in 
to the dimple on your chin
My heart did flutter
To find words that mattered


We ain't 21 anymore
You're looking good at 34
We are both on our second try, 
No need to ask why
Let's make our own lovers tale 
I'll get you another pale ale


Those nights you need a friend
Just to make the silence end
I'm a little bruised and dent
From the years I've spent
But let me open the door
There's so much life in store

by Dave Schipper (c) 2017 Rose Riversongs

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