Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm waiting

I'm waiting, aren't you?
Ok mine are so minor
But they layer up like an old tree
50 years in making.

I'm waiting for a hug.
One again my adopted niece
All I can do is pray for her
And email winky smiles.

I'm waiting for Lisa.
Why did she zip in and out?
It doesn't seem fair, but life
Is weird in cyberspace.

I'm waiting for permission.
I know easier to ask forgiveness
For me it'll be
My style to wait.

I'm waiting for the song.
Not THE song but a song
That's covered in loving respect
And I'm sent a real small check.

I'm waiting for a sign.
That my pictures work
For selling lori ella jewelry
Yes it'll come in time.

I'm waiting to die
The hope is greater than I
But I recognize time
Could go for another 50.

So I'm waiting, aren't you?

Dave (c) 2008
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