Saturday, March 22, 2014

A poet's encounter

It was fate that we chance to meet
A poet in a business suit
A young reporter on her beat

The story was told before
Though each year it’s played fresh
A new face to find out what’s in store

You came in with a flash of a smile
And quickly I could tell you were in charge
Angles, storylines, characters in your style

To look at her was like a gene pool mirror
Stature, dark hair and Lady Mary eyes
I didn’t mind the hard task of standing nearer.

So refreshing with someone young and smart
To find have some nerdy connections
And the conversations were so easy to start.

Time always needs to end and to be honest,
Never usually to be seen again.
This time, an offer of a “follow” promised.

And there it was.

By  Dave Schipper
© 2014 Rose Riversongs.

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