Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pure Fiction

I’m not alone with my thoughts lately.
You are there each time.
And there is no reason for this.
While I find you sublime
Its pure fiction if you know I exist.

Your deep brown eyes are intoxicating.
The dimple when you smile
Your Arabian skin,
Highlight an understated style,
And makes me long to be in

In the inner circle to hear your voice
Social media can picture a slice
Provide context, place, and time
But no plot or script device
Just the red herring kind

So alone with my thoughts I write.
A storyline with plain words
One where two souls listen
Then laugh at the absurd.
Alas it merely, pure fiction.

By Dave Schipper © 2012 Rose Riversongs.


Bruce Potts said...

Beautiful, Dave. Love the imagery of "Arabian skin and intoxicating eyes".

Dave said...

Thanks Bruce... you are my best reader... easy to write lines when they are true.