Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rising Eagle

Earth’s heart beat pulses inside
The century’s stories are etched in stone.
The sky is within my arm’s reach
While I walk my spiritual path alone.

Pierce my heart
Release the stars
My spirit’s found
My hidden path
Pierce my heart
And I will start
Singing songs
All journey long

I listen to the choir of nature.
Surrounded in smoke from a distant fire
I take on wings and ascend high
Above the pines and mighty fir

Above the trees I see the truth
The great one is in harmony with us
She’s writing a story in epic length
But I worry we’ve lost her trust.

by Dave Schipper © 2007 Rose Riversongs

1 comment:

Bruce Potts said...

I love the transcendental qualities of this one. You could view it as a meditative walk in nature or as a life after death reunited with nature subject matter. Either way, I love the lyrical content!