Saturday, February 12, 2011

Morning Regrets

A morning coffee with words
But alone, the silence was unheard.
In this wanton world space rules
To divide out its precious jewels.

The black subtle grace steams coy
It seduces the senses and brings joy
Yet the brain selects another chapter
A time filled with laughter.

The index finger and thumb
The cup and hand as one become
Yet words dissolve in the mouth
And now a love gone south

Caffeine alerts the judicious self
Anxiety is injected into cells
And to this gypsy’s chagrin.
The chapter is closed once again

© 2011 Dave Schipper Rose Riversongs

1 comment:

Bruce Potts said...

I really like this, Dave. It's good to read your talented words again. I have missed them.-Bruce