Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Forgive me

Forgive me Lord; I have sinned.
What to list, or where to begin?
Let’s look at these gifts you gave me
With mirrors I’ve used these.

So much for paying you back
I could write chapters on my slack.
Then don’t bring up indulgences
Enjoyed them ‘til I’ve numb senses.

I suppose we could just end it here
I have a pretty hot fate that’s clear.
Ah then comes that grace again;
You send me back out, try again.

And then, you’ll know we’ll be back
With free will and the backbone I lack.
But while I’m off doing my sinnin’
I’ll be laughin, lovin’ and oh so grinnin’

You’ve got yourself a handful in me
I’m never totally bad you know and see
I’ll bring joy, love and serve libations
‘Cuz I really do love all of your creations.

By Dave Schipper © 2010 Rose Riversongs

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