Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The play of life

I’m on the lookout
I’m watching
Every car, every corner
Is it you?
You have evaporated
But I persevere
To my joy
What a scenery of life!

I’m on the lookout
I see it all
Every texter, every biker
They aren’t you.
But it’s a small town.
You will appear
And I pause
How will the scene unfold?

Are you on the lookout?
Even curious
Every car, every table
Do you think?
He has been written out
Of my life’s script
Now it is set
And no surprise plot twist.

Are you on the lookout?
For a new writer
Every smile, every day
Another him again.
But it’s a small town
Chance meetings
Less than rare
So how will be scene be set?

Some deep faith believers
Say it’s all written
Every act, every reaction
So they say.
All is recorded in the heavens
We act our parts
Live in sets
And deal with the plot twists.

Some day all will be known
The motives reviewed
Every phrase, every comment
You and I again
So it’s a small town
Let fate play out
And when we meet
We’ll act our parts in the scene.

By Dave Schipper © 2010 Rose Riversongs

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