Thursday, October 29, 2009

That Bitch

I looked down and saw my shoes.
Surely shows I’ve paid my dues.
I thought of you in room downstairs
Naked for all the boy to stare
When life takes form to fit
Wake me up with this bitch.

Colors turn and fade to gray,
Life unravels so they say
Just when I find foothold strong
Some one answers in a song.

So I grabbed my keys and went along
She started shouting I was wrong
I looked down and saw my shoes
They were covered with last night’s news
When life takes form to fit
Send me home from this young bitch.

Last few years, I’ve turned around
Hunkered down in this old town
I know some old ones who care
They don’t look down or stare
When life gives you a chance to fit
They must have sent home that bitch.

© 2009 Dave Zeman Rose Riversongs

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