Monday, August 24, 2009

Family Tree

Family Tree © Roseriversongs 2005 David Schipper

Take a little walk right back in time
Feel the wind cool the warm sunshine
Grab the hand of the one you love
Feel the love lookin from above

Just a branch in the family tree
They’re just folk like you & me
Sim’lar eyes, ears, hands & weight
We’re all linked to a common faith

Promenade to a dosey do
Family history we ought to know
Cowboy boots and petticoats
Dancin to the old timey notes


In a farm house out of town
Friends all meet & gather round
Once a year in mid-July
They all travel far & wide

Sing & dance and have some fun
Exactly why they always come
They all leave with memories
Branches of a family tree

ps.. if you watch until the end you will see a fun outake when my son walked thru the room.

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