Sunday, April 5, 2009

Angels are overrated...

Angels are overrated. 
Where are they when a love leaves?
Have they fended off a tease?
Yes, they have flair the dramatic,
But do they stand in the streets
Do they make a hand out complete?

I can see white in the face of blackness
Stand on walls without a harness
We are a people given freedom
But few find the map to kingdom

Spiritual high is verb.
Arms raised high can’t grasp truth.
Arms at their side have no proof.
At the heart is an old word
But does it hit home or just aloof
Does the meaning ring home as truth.

We see the heart of man and look away.
Metaphors of scenery our words sway.
Feel good, live today, peace today,
But few talk about death anyway.

Don’t look at me for answers.
I’m dust in an ancient wind,
Lost on the blue ball that spins.
What can do you but swear?
Your allegiance, your one and kind
Your love for all,, and all in your mind.

So overrated.

and tonight for the first time.... a reading by Dave...

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