Monday, February 16, 2009

Fast Food/Slow Cash

Get a Big Gulp at the Big K and watch your waist grow
Take a rest at the Stop and Go; disappear some dough
Get a deal on a Chimi, a pay a buck for water
Take a look at your world it gets… better and better.

Fast food slow cash is eating up our world
either stress or food that makes you stomach twirl
Fast food, slow cash is eating up our world
It’s either that ….or religious quarrel.

Check the candy in aisle three, you’ll find something new
Fake tastes just for you, swear you’d think their real
At least trust the Enegerizer, the bunny is a treat
He’ll last for several hours to get tossed to the heap

Good God someone change the coffee, it’s been here since three
The counter girl stares her misery, one hour, four more
She didn’t cause the price to go up, so lighten up schmuck
Under her breath comes oh Fuck, there go’s a truck.

by Dave Schipper © 2006 Rose Riversongs

Sorry about the F word... I thought it fit the personality of the counter girl.
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