Thursday, December 5, 2019

Ok Boomer

Old dogs can’t be taught new tricks New cliches or politics And when you ask him, He gets mad Give him old song with a story line Smokie bar and jar of moonshine And when you ask him, He gets sad

Ok Boomer, tell me again One ring of fire, how will it end Only the truth, you can defend Ok Boomer, ……tell me again Dad killed guys with swastikas Now kids die in Florida And when you ask him, He gets mad Times did change for the better Now we’re our own worst debtors And when you ask him, He gets sad Chorus Distant drums of discontent No love shown to immigrants And when you ask him, He gets mad He has not given up hope It’s in his nature to vote And when you ask him, He gets sad Chorus
(c) 2019 Dave Schipper Rose Riversongs

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Let me walk (a nod to the Man in Black)

Oh mystery, don’t bury me In your hands, In your hands Take me back, face the facts I am weak, I am weak Let me walk in your grace
Let me feel the air of peace Let me stand for what is right Let me walk in path of light A child’s face, a worn out place In our hands, In our hands On TV screens and in my dreams My heart hurts, my heart hurts When morals are lost To the wealth of gain He finds no host In this evil game Take me back, the man in black Hold our hands, hold our hands Speak gentle words, now rarely heard Mend our hearts, mend our hearts Chorus (c) Dave Schipper 2019 Rose Riversongs

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Angels in action

Angels in action
Need a reaction
Puppies on a string

Lightning in motion
Needs a commotion
Wild flowers in spring

Take me and gently
Whisper faintly
I hold to the wire

Sin with me saintly
Tonight so sadly
With you there is fire

(c) Rose Riversongs
by Dave Schipper

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Summer's Day

There are moments
Too few hours in the day
To escape the way I’m feeling
To keep life at bay

This summers day,
You will not find me!
Off the grid and in hiding
Lost in Earl Grey tea

And in this moment
I push down the voices
In a search for silence
To regret no choices

I’m a subtle cake
With layers of mom and fun
I’ll add chocolate
And bake until I am done

by Dave Schipper (c) 2019 Rose Riversongs


The struggle is real
She pulled him out, He falls back
As part of the deal
He’s so grateful

She welded together his life
Endured the sparks of strife
Until He stood whole
Without the past He stole

There are no hidden answers
In the next barroom dancer
It becomes plain to see
What you meant to me

Words words words
Nothing is absorbed
Lies lies lies
All kept in side

At the table she set me down
Weary from a familiar song
I am the man she made
Then cast off in a trade

to be continued ....
By Dave Schipper (c) 2019 Rose Riversongs

Down the road, again

You can drive me crazy 
Even call me lazy
You’re downright nasty
But I’m going down that road again

I ain’t no saint 
But you’re the sinner
Just ignored me like you been
Cuz I’m going down that road again

Turn away then
When you’re done
There’s more pretty girls then one
But I’ll go down that road again

by Dave Schipper (c) 2019 Rose Riversongs

Liza Lee

There she goes out the door 
as she’s done times before 
Not with me, she’s just free 
Lil' dancer Liza Lee

She's just a wind swept queen
In naturally torn  jeans
She lights up the dance floor

The band wants to play more

She’s got Hell on her toes 
And Heart mom on her wrist 
Lil' angel on her knee
And save the bees daisy

The ready boys take note
And her tattoos they quote
"Love me for who I am
Not who you want me to be."

Yet this bright butterfly
Flirts and flutters on by
Out the door as before
She's just free Lil' Liza Lee.

by Dave Schipper (c) 2019 Rose Riversongs

Monday, May 27, 2019

Stout Friend

Spring Love

Pinch me in the morning you’re still here
It’s been months but full of years
We watch the flowers and trees bloom
Over morning coffee in  the porch room

Spring love let me sing
The flowers I’ll bring
The notes will ring
Spring love let me sing

When I saw your old lover in the crowd
I just wanted to shout out loud
You crazy dumb ass fool
You ain’t the sharpest tool

Why he left I do not know
Is it inside you that has yet to show
I do believe it was a flaw of his
Not to treasure your kiss

Spring love let me sing
The flowers I’ll bring
The notes will ring
Spring love let me sing

Meet me halfway
Agree to disagree
Hear what I say
You mean so much to me

I didn’t win you as much as pick you up
I showed you friendship that wouldn’t stop
Even gave you that alone space
Plus, I’ll do it all with grace

By Dave Schipper (c) 2019 Rose Riversongs

Friday, April 19, 2019


I’m good with the crumbs of your life
As you add layer and layer of icing
The base holds a strong foundation

Where once I was offered a huge slice
I'm content to lick my fingers of icing
With joy and jubilation

Yes I would relish a full serving
An hour of talking and listening
Till then, my crumb celebration  

by Dave Schipper (c) 2019 Rose Riversongs

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Driving home

When you’re foiled at the four way
Running circles in the roundabout
And writing curses of road rage
Pull over and write me a text

Tell me your wildest dreams
Tigers, and bears oh my
Tell me your softest desires
Pillows, flowers and cat fur

Now that you’re refreshed
Grab the wheel and drive
Polite and not in a rush
I love you and want you to...


by Dave Schipper (c) 2019 Rose Riversongs

The note

The note gave her three choices
Say nothing and confirm his thoughts
Say thanks and confirm his thoughts
Or open up Pandora’s box

Words all have several meanings

She let it sit for a few days
Then gently opened the lid to say
“You are nothing and everything to me,
Please leave me but never go away.”

She stopped right there and hit send.

Now the world lives in text message
We long for the pen and paper
Time and texture versus rapid words
Her words went unread forever

He died thinking his thoughts confirmed.

By Dave Schipper (c) 2019 Rose Riversongs

Sunday, March 10, 2019


Wind, the source of comfort on a hot day.

The cause of the snow spray

The generator of power seen from the highway

The dustball rolling on the spillway.

Your are my friend and my nemesis

The cracking of trees limbs

The interruption to a good concert

The transporter of seeds

Good ones and weeds.

You are as might as a jet stream

Or as gentle as a dream.

Carry me away to the next place

Lure me with a caress to my face

Wind oh wind

Do not end.

by Dave Schipper (c) 2018 Rose Riversongs

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Dream Catcher

Yes I turned the corner in the store to see
a wall of dream catchers; really?
How does an ancient native idea, 
get to be a modern decor piece.

I reach out to marvel at the taught string
wrapped around a birch branch
twisted in an incredibly precise circle
and I was transported to field.

Truly this was not an manufactured China
imitation dream catcher but real
I could smell the grain blowing in the breeze
I see hear my heart beat.

Spiritually my mouth was dry
but I could taste the coolness of a spring
Is this my imagination or did my touch
Open this dream world weaved into this piece.

The feathers so soft appeared to be a pheasant
And the sound of a rustling bird 
Taking to flight was total clarity.
Holy or mystical the dream catcher spirit lived.

by Dave Schipper (c) 2018 Rose Riversongs