Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Under her skin

One by one the cars gathered ‘round the house
Each leaving a space for them to get out
Handshakes and hugs were shared
That day she had friends to spare
And no one would dare
Bring him up again
And get under her skin

Saying goodbye is not a happy affair
But friends always have laughter in the air
She'll be off to Nashville
Her daughter at Vanderbilt
Wondering how to pay the bill
But confident in
What's under her skin

As the last one left with a hug goodbye
She looked at her phone and wondered why
There was silence on his end
No good luck or opinion
Wondering if she’ll see him again
She let him in
Right under her skin

She lit the candle one last time
And snuggle in the chair with a glass of wine
A toast to independence
To taking on the next dance
With a prayer and a chance
And all the talent
Right under your skin

She walks down to the Bluebird tonight
Waits until the moment is right
She could play them under the table
When she's willing and able
Cause she didn't come to the table
Not confident in
What's under her skin

Some people say the most dangerous play
Is to sit tight and play it safe
She flashed her famous smile
Loving her new lifestyle
Reading his 1st text in a while
Yep she’s cookin’
Just under her skin.

By Dave Schipper © 2017 Rose Riversongs